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Encouraging pooling of resources to assist each other to achieve profitable farming

The African Muslim Farmers Association (AMFA), aims to foster unity and goodwill amongst Muslim farmers of Africa in support of the agricultural sector. The organisation was formalised following the first inception workshop held in Newcastle, KZN, on the 20th February 2016. This cooperation amongst farmers has led to Strength in Numbers. AMFA members are involved in diverse fields of farming such as game, livestock, crops, forestry and are farming not only countrywide but also continent-wide in countries such as Zambia and Botswana.
AMFA’s key objectives are to:

“empower its members by encouraging pooling of resources to assist each other to achieve profitable farming.”

Another important objective is to encourage Muslim youth to pursue careers in agriculture. AMFA also aims to encourage commitment to society amongst its members by establishing charitable programs that will improve the lives of people of all religious and ethnic background. Lastly the organisation would like to foster relationships with various stakeholders in order to promote sound and ethical agricultural practices in accordance with Islamic principles and values. This is of particular importance during our observance of Qurbani.
The establishment of the organisation will go a long way in educating both the Muslim farmer and Muslim community at large on all farming and related issues. AMFA undertakes activities that will benefit not only the Muslim farmer but the Muslim public at large.

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