AMFA stands for AFRICAN MUSLIM FARMERS ASSOCIATION. It was founded by a few highly passionate and committed farmers with the object of introducing Awareness, through ethical values, Compliance with legal Requirements and Respect for people, communities and the environment, as well as forming a Unifying and Diverse group which helps members gain Knowledge, Mentorship and Benefits of recognition of small scale Farmers in the Farming Industry across the African continent.

 AMFA is based according to rules of the Islamic Shariah Compliance and is a NON PROFIT ORGANISATION. At present we have 204 members in the AMFA organisation .As per statistic and actual facts/surveys concluded, Members are based in almost all Provinces of South Af- rica and a few abroad. At present we have members on AMFA from every type of Farming Classification as well as Non Farmers who wish to gain the Benefits provided from the Association. Amfa


Our Vision in AMFA is to create and promote a Unified Ummah (Muslim Community) within the Farming Industry and to gain Recognition in all aspects in the Farming Sector by aspiring farmers to better themselves and to contribute to the Farmers and communities at large.


Our Mission is to make a measurable contribution to sustainable development skills by

  Enhancing and developing skill

  Supporting projects that encourage entrepreneurship, self reliance and providing a Network amongst the Farmers. OBJECTIVES

  To make a meaningful and measurable contribution within the Farming sectors in which we op- erate.

  To forge strategic alliances and develop partnership/relationships that are open and transpar- ent with relevant organisations.

  To work with and align ourselves with other organisations relevant to AMFA for mutual bene- fits.

  To focus on initiatives that complements our association AMFA.

  To encourage the youth to pursue careers in agriculture.

  To empower its members by encouraging pooling of resources to assist each other to achieve profitable farming.

  To encourage commitment to society amongst its members by establishing charitable programs that will improve the lives of people regardless of race, colour or creed. Or organisation AMFA comprises of a team of passionate, dedicated members, working forward to- wards building the agricultural sector in all communities by providing skills and knowledge to all who would benefit from it.